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About the PACE-SRO
About PACE

The Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) Self Regulatory Organization initially met in April 2006 to devise a course to bring all of the members of our association and the teleservices channel together to better serve the consumer and promote the value of contact center activities.

The SRO concept is not necessarily innovative. For a number of years, other industries have set up similar concepts.  Four successful examples recognized by the Federal Trade Commission and others are the Advertising industry, Motion Picture industry, the Funeral industry and ISO9000TM.

PACE is taking the initiative to formulate a set of universal standards that reflect active federal and state laws and promote contact center compliance.  The PACE-SRO Trustees are a representative group from Fortune 500 companies to smaller contact center professionals who completed the necessary research and authored the PACE-SRO Standards.  The PACE-SRO Standards are routinely reviewed, modified and supplemented to reflect changes in contact center law.

The Standards devise a path for companies to deploy the PACE-SRO solution to determine where they stand internally, provide unbiased independent audits of the company by well trained and certified auditors and as a final step, provide companies the ability to gain accreditation or PACE-SRO Seal.  Companies can establish both compliance and competitive standing in the industry.



If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the PACE-SRO, please contact PACE by email at SRO@PACEconnect.org or call (317) 816-9336.