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Accreditation Process

Step 1 Subscription/Self Assessment

Step 2 PACE-SRO Certified Independent Auditor

Step 3
Application for Accreditation/ Company Accreditation

Step 4
Ongoing Compliance
Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1 - Application to PACE and Self-Assessment

The SRO process begins with the PACE-SRO Application and application fee. For a copy of the application, please Click Here. The application fee is $3,500. Once PACE has received the completed application and the application fee the company will be provided with login credentials to the PACE-SRO Audit Tool. Additionally, Companies receive complimentary access to the PACE Regulatory Guide for a period of three months. The Regulatory Guide is a great resource for companies as they complete their PACE-SRO self-assessment.

PACE-SRO Audit Tool™ Compliance Audit Software Toolkit

The PACE-SRO Audit Tool will make the job of assessing and reporting your company's compliance parameters a breeze! There are a multitude of compliance requirements inside a contact center facility and our software is there to assist with your responsibility to measure them.

The PACE-SRO Audit Tool is both user friendly and intuitive. Our software will walk you through definitions, methodology and real time audit activities while providing a constant status evaluation.

Company Self Assessment

Does your company have a firm grasp on how it complies with teleservices regulations? How about reporting? Can you clearly explain and justify your position as a compliance manager? Does senior management clearly understand what fully entails a compliant and competitive advantage in contact center management?

These are frequently asked questions from our members. Self Assessment via PACE-SRO Audit Tool is a great next step and answers many questions.

The PACE-SRO Self-Assessment Tools are available to guide your company through these steps of the audit process. With the ability to easily view each of the relevant audit standards and enter pre-audit information, PACE-SRO Audit Tool provides an effective platform to facilitate the accreditation process.

Features of the PACE-SRO Audit Tool Toolkit include:

    • Free tutorial of the software upon subscription and login
    • Access to a Pre-Audit Checklist to help the company prepare for the Audit process
    • Standards and definitions allow for clear review of relevant audit items
    • Easy management of an audit’s status
    • The ability for a company and auditor to view past audits
    • Centralized Document Archiving to manage and protect supporting documents
    • Archived history to provide a complete and defensible audit trail
    • Regular updates concerning changes to regulatory standards and issues relevant to the Teleservices industry

When you are ready to begin the actual audit process, you will need to first contact the PACE as listed below.



If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the PACE-SRO, please contact the PACE by email at SRO@PACEconnect.org or call (317) 816-9336.