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Accreditation Process

Step 1 — Subscription/Self Assessment

Step 2 — PACE-SRO Certified Independent Auditor

Step 3
Application for Accreditation/ Company Accreditation

Step 4
Ongoing Compliance
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Step 2 – Independent Audit Conducted by PACE’s Audit Partner - CompliancePoint

The Independent Audit

Any company that wants to have key indicators of their strengths and weaknesses must complete the first step of the PACE-SRO process, the Self-Assessment.

Companies that want the full benefits of PACE-SRO accreditation will need to undergo an independent audit conducted by PACE's audit partner, CompliancePoint. CompliancePoint will verify the company’s self-assessment results, perform site visits (if applicable), complete a larger review of the company’s processes and compliance measures, and write a detailed analysis of the audit.

There are multiple PACE-SRO Audit levels depending on the size of the company and the scope of its operations:

  • Level 1 SRO Accreditation Assessment
    • Contact center operations of 10 seats or less may qualify for a level 1 Self-Assessment accreditation.
    • No onsite assessment required.
    • The company must provide documentation as required.
    • CompliancePoint will conduct phone interviews with key employees
  • Level 2 SRO Accreditation Assessment
    • Level 2 assessments include most service bureaus and in-house contact center operations
    • Level 2 assessments require an onsite visit.
  • Special Assessments (Case-by-case):
    • Special assessments may be required for complex or very large service bureau or contact center operations
    • Companies with multiple contact center locations that also conduct unique telemarketing operations
    • Entities with multiple affiliations operating under unique jurisdiction

Similar to financial audits by outside parties, CompliancePoint’s auditors are trained and certified auditors in the field of Teleservices compliance.

The third party assessment from the independent auditor is one of the key elements of the PACE-SRO program.

The PACE-SRO provides for the following protocols:

  • Data and information shared between the company and the auditors is secured with password-protected access and is confidential throughout the auditing process.
  • CompliancePoint’s Auditors have extensive knowledge in the Teleservices industry. The auditor will return the audit to the company if irregularities are found. An irregularity may be an oversight or reporting error made by the company. After the company makes the necessary changes, the auditor will complete their independent review.

To ensure consistency among audit firms, the audit methodologies have been standardized. Your audit firm will work with approved audit methods for each rated area.

Each audit item uses a standardized rating scheme.

Fully compliant with all applicable SRO requirements
Not Compliant
Not meeting SRO requirements (auditor comments to further explain the deficiencies found)
Not Applicable
Item not applicable to this audit


If the audit reveals that the company is failing to meet one or more of the PACE-SRO Standards, the company will be notified and given the opportunity to remediate the issue(s) if the company desires to continue with the accreditation process. Once the company has remediated the issue(s), CompliancePoint will verify that the issue(s) has been remediated as required. Once remediation has been verified, CompliancePoint will submit the assessment report to PACE’s General Counsel.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the PACE-SRO, please contact the PACE by email at SRO@PACEconnect.org or call (317) 816-9336.