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Accreditation Process

Step 1 Subscription/Self Assessment

Step 2 PACE-SRO Certified Independent Auditor

Step 3
Application for Accreditation/ Company Accreditation

Step 4
Ongoing Compliance
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Step 3 - Application for Accreditation/Company Accreditation

Seeking PACE-SRO Corporate Accreditation

The next step for accreditation is to have the PACE-SRO audit partner, CompliancePoint, provide their audit report to PACE's General Counsel. Once a company has completed Steps 1 & 2 and has determined that their audit results reflect good contact center compliance procedures, the company may request that CompliancePoint move the audit to the review phase. The review phase consists of the following steps:

  1. CompliancePoint submits report to PACE's General Counsel for review
  2. PACE's General Counsel will concur or remand
  3. The PACE-SRO Trustees receive General Counsel recommendation and concur or remand

If the company is aligned with PACE-SRO Standards, the Trustees will forward the Accreditation request to the PACE Board of Directors so the applicant company may receive the PACE-SRO Seal of Accreditation! The Board may remand the Accreditation request if it has any issues or concerns with the audit report or the company's compliance posture.

The PACE-SRO Accredited Company Seal...
...awarded to outstanding contact center